Prayer Team

Whatever happens to human beings on earth is a spiritual matter that manifests in the physical.

The best way to connect spiritually is through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and faith in Him. One of the greatest avenue given to Christians by God to commune with Him is prayer. Those who meet God in the closet of prayer and standing in the gap for others always have fellowship with God. Bringing everything before God is the sweetest way of submission to God and reliance in His power to do all things and to attend to every situation.

Prayerful preparation prevents poor performance.

The Prayer Team of Our Saviour Anglican Church, Calgary is a power-engine of the Church, intercessors leading people in prayers; bringing issues and situations before God. Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. Hence, this Church is singled out for her passion to pray. Apostle Paul also admonishes that we should pray in season and out of season. We are determined to Pray Until Something Happens to the glory of God in Jesus’ name.

The Prayer Team meets:
Every Sunday @ 11;00am
Every Monday and Friday @ 8:00pm – 9:00pm
General Church Bi-monthly Prayer Vigil last Friday of the month.
Observes Lenten Prayers twice everyday @ 12noon – 12:30pm and 6:00pm – 6:30pm